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Chris Morrissey Actor Filmmaker

Chris Morrissey Actor Filmmaker

CHRIS MORRISSEY is a Hollywood filmmaker and actor that has written, produced, and directed several award-winning feature films that have screened theatrically and at various international film festivals during the last 20 years. Film titles include Superstar Female Serial Killer, Trick of the Witch, Heavy Makeup, Stateless, Fashion Murder GrooveHollywood Reject, and Lipgloss Explosion! 

Chris has acted in several independent films, television projects (Twin Peaks) and a handful of Hollywood stage plays. Chris is a native of Los Angeles and got his start at Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine and Roger Corman's Concorde Pictures before making the leap into feature films.

Chris is currently writing and producing two new feature film projects, which will begin production later this year. He also curates and hosts a monthly Los Angeles theatrical film screening series. Additionally, he is developing and directing a Hollywood film festival that will launch in late 2022.